utility trailer

I have been given a 8ft x 4ft utility trailer. ( from walmart).
My motorhome is 21 1/2ft long, 351 windsor motor. It will be used to haul a 1000w honda genny a blue boy sewer tote, spare battery, couple of small fold up bikes, and chairs and a couple of those longer sun loungers,and on top of the closed lid I,ll have a strapped down 13 1/2ft canoe. Does anybody see any problems with this setup. The trailer has 14inch wheels. Any advice appreciated.
Glennis. O.
Re: utility trailer

I don't see a problem as long as you don't overload the trailer. Does the trailer have brakes? If no check the laws dealing with non brake weight in the states you will be travelling in. It varies from state to state but on average the trailer can't have a gross weight of over 2000 lbs. If the GVW is over that check into getting electric or surge brakes on it.
Re: utility trailer

Sorry, but the federal law, and most states follow it, says brakes must be on any trailer with a GVWR over 3,000lbs. That is why you will see most single axle trailers GVWR being stated at 2,990, even though they have a 3,500lb. axle. You still have to factor in the weight of the empty trailer to know what you can haul.