UV Shield

We spend a LOT of time in the southern sun and I wonder if there is any product that can be put on the threads of the awnings to preserve them from sun deterioration?

Gary B

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UV Shield

HI you could try Areospace 303, it is a uv blocker /protectant, very effective on Ultralight airplanes fabric, very good on rubber products including rubber roofs, tires, I use it on my tires, dash, roof etc. I also use Proctect-all on the exterior of the MH, my pickups car etc. happy trails GB
UV Shield

Sounds like a good tip; I've using another product which is very well known as a protectorant,but became discouraged after conversation with my tire manufacturer,so I'm looking for someother product;
Gary: where can I locate "Areospace 303 and Protect-all"?