vacation ideas wanted for 2012 ( new member)


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Hi, i am looking for advice with regards to taking an rv vacation with my family to the rocky mountains area of canada.
We live in the Toronto area of Ontario, and we are thinking of flying into Calgary, picking up rv/ motorhome and doing the driving thing, then returning from vancouver ?
We need advice from you guys about the most economical way of doing this, what pitfalls to avoid, which company you would recommend to book with etc, etc, etc.

Looking forward to your comments and recommendations

Thank you

Bob Fishwick


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Welcome Bob! Sounds like a great plan but I am afraid we have never taken our RV to Canada. We did visit years ago and had a blast! What a beautiful country Canada is. If we didn't have to have a passport, we would love to visit again...

Hope you get some wonderful advice from some of the more seasoned travelers! :)


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Welcome, from Calgary to Edmonton then Jasper to Bamff then to Glacier then to Vancouver. Or Calgary to Bamff Jasper and back to Glacier driving two ways same hyway though the parks. OH that is Glacier NP of Canada. You can easily spend two to three week exploring around in the parks. You had better get it planned soon and get reservations at camp grounds as in summer they are packed. From Bamff you will want to drive to Lake Winnewanka and take the tour boat. Also Mount Norquay rd where we saw sheep, black and grizz bear. Then on the other side Bow river Ave for Elk in the golf course. Then the glacier ride to the Athabascan glacier on the big 6 wheel drive bus's. Then there is a bunch to see all over the parks and on the way to Vancouver.

Good morning. Canadream and Fraserway are two names I know are reputable and should allow you to do a one way rental leaving the unit in Vancouver for a slightly higher rate shoudl you wish. Having spent a good amount of time on a past trip from banff to Jasper i would say you could spend four to five days just in that area as the scenery is spectacular. As a previous poster mentioned booking campsites early will be required as there are not many along this stretch from what i remember. A unit in the 24-28ft size in a class C motorhome should suit you nicely. A generator would be a bonus as you can be fully self sufficient anywhere you are.
Good luck in the planning, it will definetly be a trip your family will remember forever. If you have further questions ask.


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bfishwick, have you done your trip in the mean time and how did you like it?
I guarantee you will want to go back again.
My wife and I have been to the Rocky Mountains now 15 times and still have not seen the half of what there is to enjoy.
Luckyl new member and live on Vancouver Island.