van and trailer

[Jill] I&#039ve recently gone from a motorhome to a van and trailer. I have a 2000 Chev Express 1 ton extended van. I&#039ve ordered the hitch and wiring and swaybars etc in anticipation of getting the trailer. I think I&#039ve found the trailer and I just want to make sure it&#039s a 1996 Wilderness 23&#039 dry weight around 3600lbs. My van can tow up to 10000lbs but I will be travelling large distances frequently and do not need a huge unit. I have other things I need to carry and have a tray that fits in a hitch receiver that was on the back of my MH, would I be able to attach this to the back of the trailer? It holds approx 400lbs of stuff. When I&#039m towing through the mountains should I shift up or down or let the van do that? Does anyone know where I can get more info on a 1996 Wilderness?

van and trailer

[Brian] Jill, bad idea you do not want to put that much weight on that bumper unless you don&#039t care about the items remain there or not that is entirely way too much weight for that then aluminum bumper.But if you so decide look me up when you need a new bumper. OK? What are you trying to find as far as information goes on your trailer I probably could be of some assistance. contact me at