Venting/Maxx Air

I have a 24ft Mini Wini. I have two skylights, one by the dinning room table and the other in the rear in the bathroom. The bathroom one has a 3-4 inch little noisy fan. I am looking at the Maxx Air line-up, but I am not stuck on them. What would you recommend doing to get/keep the heat out? Thanks for your advice.


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Venting/Maxx Air

I would highly recommend replacing that small noisy vent fan with the Turbo Max fan. It is very easy to install, quiet, effective, and best of all, you can leave the vent open all the time without rain or anything else coming in. The other vent can use the regular Maxx Air cover with the same results.
Venting/Maxx Air

OK, I see a couple of ways that I can do this. With the skylight by the dinningroom I can go with the Maxx Air 800 ($91) or the Maxx air vent ($42).

Now for the vent over the bath.
opt #1 Use a Maxx air 3505($222)
opt #2 Use a Fantastic fan # 5000 RBT ($150) and use the Maxx air 800 ($91) or the max air vent ($42). Plus the fantastic fan comes with a thermostate.

Which set up or combinations of set up will give me the best ventilation? I will spend more if needed, but like most people I try to save when I can. Thanks alot.
Venting/Maxx Air

We have two roof vents also. We had, until recently, MaxxAir vent covers on both. We removed the one in the kitchen area, and replaced it with the thermostat controlled Turbo Maxx. We get a nice breeze now. Well worth the money.