Vermont--lost in yesteryear.

DL Rupper

Senior Member
Vermont is quite a strange place to visit. The roads are narrow, twisty, steep and rough. I heard they like to keep them that way to discourage visitors. They want to keep the place all to themselves.

I have to admit Vermont is very beautiful and the towns are out of the 19th and early 20th Century. Very quaint. It is fun to be reminded of what the rest of the country looked like a 100 years ago. The Capitol City, Montpelier, has the smallest population of any Capitol City in the US. Fun place to see.

The Campgrounds are mostly secluded deep in the pine trees. They cater to the locals as most of the campers are seasonal's and leave their travel trailers in place year round.

Now the bottom line: Last night on the news I heard Vermonters want to secede from the Union. I guess they really do want to keep it to themselves.