Vibrating Damon


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Has anyone had a problem with 2000 intruders vibrating at speed. It starts at about 45 to 50 mph and continues up to a speed I can't mention. This is BAD, not a little rattle. The mirror in the rear bedroom looks like is is going to fall off the wall. It had broken door supports. Dealer has had tires and wheel checked, even put on two new fronts. To no avail. Any help? :( :(

C Nash

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Vibrating Damon

Sounds like you may have that dreaded ford chassis viberation that some have dealt with without results. How many miles on the MH? Did you purchase it new and has the viberation always been there? How about tire wear, do they all have normal wear? Are you loading properly and not over loaded. Bad tire, shock. driveline angle, u-joints, torque converter, motor mounts are some of the things that come to mine.