vintage yellowstone camper


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Hi all,

We recently brought home a vintage (1955 I think) Yellowstone camper. I found a serial number stamped in the tongue that was different than the normal numbers and much more in relief. It was 55782. The camper measured 21.5 feet from one end of the body to the other. In searching the web I found an ad that looks like the floor plan but without a title we have no idea what year it is. I tried the new Yellowstone website but received no response. Can anyone be of assistance? I can send photos. We have already renovated a 1963 Shasta Compact a couple of years ago, so we're not new to this fun but a little information would be helpful. Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: vintage yellowstone camper

Serial numbers were VERY different years ago. Today they are 17 digits and certain numbers mean year built and quite a few other things.
In yours, the 55 just might mean the year, I don't know. Today Yellowstone is made by Gulf Stream. Back then, they were their own company.