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Getting ready to retire and have been looking at motorhomes and would love some input on what has the best record. Probably 30' is the longest we would want. Would like rear bed and entertainment center above cab. Need something two women who have never had an rv can use with ease and not worry about breakdowns. Have hear some nighmare stories and would rather not be the subject of one.

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Mamma t
I am sure you have gleaned much info/stories from the various forums. As you probably know already, ea. manufacturer will produce units with problems...some more than others. The support from the manufacturer/dealer along with the floorplan(s) you are looking at will/should be the determining factors. Some coach factories, such as Tiffen as an example, produce a quality unit such as the Allegro which is available in 28' and 30' with rear bedrooms.
Don't make an emotional choice...go test drive the short list, check out the dealer and talk to other owners. Make it a fun time. :) :)


Re: virgin rv'ers

My suggestion is to buy a used unit that someone has already had the bugs fixed in.


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Tiffin is a good coach as is Winnebago/Itasca. I would recomend the Ford chassis if available, seems to get better fuel economy and more horse power.


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I like my Minnie Winnie Class C! I guess this means I'm not a virgin anymore, but we're only 2 years into this trip! We have had no problems with ours and bought it new.

We went with the Class C van chassis because it is SO manueverable. We drive it everywhere, and can turn it around in most driveways. Since the cab is designed by Ford, we benefitted from all that ergonomic research the major car companies brag about. It is comfortable even after a 400 mile trip.

Ours has the TV opposite the couch and dining booth. It has the cabover berth which we use for storage, but we have plans to move the TV there, too. We also use that space for easy access to our maps and RV books while we're driving.

The slideout gives another 2 ft. of space without making anything complicated.

Compared to our friends here on the forum that have big Class A's, ours is like camping out! But we like it!

There is a BIG difference between the MH you would choose if you're going to be full timing or just part timing. If it's going to be your only 'home', then you'll want to go big.