voltage regulator-Where is it?

i need to replace my voltage regulator but have no idea where it is. I have an Onan genset 6.5 Can any one tell me where it is. Thanks


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Re: voltage regulator-Where is it?

Why do you believe that it needs to be replaced? Onan sets use a combination of voltage and frequency for load control and unless you have checked the power frequency and verified that it meets Onan specs you probably just need to adjust the speed of operation.
Re: voltage regulator-Where is it?

I did have it checked by a local guy who seems to be convinced that it is the voltage regulator. The genset has 2200 hours,yes 2200. That seems like a lot to me but i am new at this rv thing. I just had a new 454 motor put in and it runs like a champ. The day i got it back the genset set started acting up. It will start and and idle smooth for a couple of minutes then idle very rough and stall. while starting it I heard a "pop" and then it sounded like a lawn mower next to me. I get out and look to see what was going on and the end of the spark arrestor/muffler blew off. I have had the carb cleaned, new coil, plugs wires and air filter. I know that the rings are not in great shape, it smokes a little untill it warms up. If it is not the voltage regulator I am planning on replacing the genset too. Do you have any input on buying a used or rebuilt genset? I have already poured a lot of money into this thing and haven't put more than 300 miles on it. My wife and I love our old rv and are going to NH in april or may. I just want everything to work reliably before we set off on our maiden voyage. Do you have any recommendations for onan service in the south florida area? Other than the generator everything else works great.

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RE: voltage regulator-Where is it?

can't speak for the engines in the Onans, but can about the honda engined gens - i've got a honda gen (13KW) at the house, 20HP V twin, and in researching it before the purchase, honda indicates a 2500 hour life expectancy before rebuild or replacement. That engine has an oil cooler - on the smaller engines, without an oil cooler, i would expect a shorter life expectancy

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Re: voltage regulator-Where is it?

I guess I would be looking for a new or used one myself......RV salvage yards are a good bet....Kirk has a great list of salvage yards on his website.........

I have also seen a few for sale on Ebay You have a larger gen set (6.5KW) and that might be a little harder to find...used....