VuQube Portable Sat. Dish


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Anyone have a VuQube portable Satellite Dish? The company claims can use with Dish Network and Directv service. I bought one at CampingWorld on Sale for $700. I called Dish Network to see which receivers can be used with the VuQube. They never heard of it and don't support it.
I called Directv and they said i could use the basic D12 receiver with it. So i bought a D12 Receiver for $70 at Circuit City. My brother and i tried to hook up the system and use the VuQube to find the Directv Sat . No luck...tried for an hour. Got a 50% rating find that lasted 2 seconds, never could find again. Does anyone use this VuQube and got it to work with Directv?


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Re: VuQube Portable Sat. Dish


I don't have any experience with the VuQube, but don't beleive everything you hear from either DishNetwork or DirecTV customer service. If you don't like the answer you get, just call back, get a different person, and you will likely get a different answer. The VuQube will work with DishNetwork. DishNetwork is correct in that they don't support the VuQube but that just means they don't troubleshoot, install, or support the actual dish. The DishNetwork receiver doesn't care what type of dish it gets its signal from. So, as long as you are locked onto the right satellite (the bulk of DishNetworks programming is on 119, with a small amount on 110) and you have a good signal, your VuQube will work just fine with DishNetwork. Same with DirecTV, with the exception that the bulk of DirecTV's programming is on 101.

Sorry I can't help you with the setup of your dish. I know for a long time, the VuQube was primarily marketed to OTR truckers. If you find a forum for truck drivers, you might find a post about the VuQube there.