Wal Mart Parking

I was wondering if you park in a Wal Marts parking lot for a couple of days if you can unhook your 5th wheel and slides the sides out? Or do you have to stay hooked up to the PU?


Meadow Muffin
Wal Mart Parking

You should not be parking in a WalMart parking lot for "a couple of days". The intent is it is to be used for emergency parking and you should arrive late in the day, get permission, leave early in the morning. A small percentage of selfish Rvers have ruined this for others by staying more than one day, putting their jacks down, putting slides and awnings out, setting up BBQs, leaving trash or even dumping tanks on the pavement. This has led to ordinances and managers rejecting Rvers with legitimate needs to camp overnite.
Get a campground if you are going to be in an area more than overnite. If you cant afford it, stay home.
Wal Mart Parking

Gee Larry all I was doing was asking a question. I had no intention of making it a vacation destination. Since I had never done this before I was just trying to find out if there were any rules and regulations.


Meadow Muffin
Wal Mart Parking

Quite a few WalMart stores limit your stay to 3 days. I suppose this promotes lock jaw in folks like Larry, good... It should be of no concern of him anyway if WalMart is willing and able to let you stay. Thats between you and the store. But do ask before hand. I have had their security folks come up and ask me to park in a certain area if we were spendling the night. Which I would have been glad to do, except that we have never spent a night at one, yet...
Wal Mart Parking

Sorry MM, sorry it sounded like a lecture as that was not my intent. I just get tired of the slobs that ruin it for the rest of us. FMCA has a great flyer about staying at Wally World. You can pull it off of their web site. Glad Butch is one of the good guys however it is a very rare WW that permits 3 day parking. We still should not forget the intent of the reason for the privilege to park there
Wal Mart Parking

I boondock at Walmarts about 10 nights per year. I find them quieter than rest stops, and a convienent place to stock up on supplies. We have never stayed longer than one night because we are usually on our way to a more grassy destination. I have never been turned away by a manager or security. however,I'm always ready to show all my Walmart reciepts to prove my loyalty.

:) Isn't it funny that there is no way at night to escape the bright lights Walmarts parking lots. :)

Keep asking questions
Wal Mart Parking

Don't forget loyalty to all the little "mom and pop" campgrounds along the way. Many of those can probably use our business more than WM. Get your supplies at Wally's and head out to the campground. :)
Wal Mart Parking

Hi! Meadow Muffin,
Last year we stayed on a Walmart parking lot after we ask the manager. We could not find the campground we had planned on staying at. We only ran our generator to make coffee in the morning. Of course we purchased eats and water to flush. We did put out our slideouts, but nothing else, no awnings and such. Quietest place to stay and save if you really need it. I would not stay but overnite.
Enjoy camping and make everyone else glad you were there.
Wal Mart Parking

Hey Larry

No problem. Thanks for the information and comments. My intention was to see if there were any hard and fast rules about an over night stay. In fact I would hope that having to stay there would be a rarity, but just in case it is nice to rely on informaton from Rv's with experince in that area. We would definity not want to ruin it for other Road Warriors.

Thanks everyone for their input.

We are going to the RV dealer tomorrow to put a deposit on the 5the wheel and will hope to be on the road about Oct 1, 2004. Hope to meet you all in the real world.

Meadow Muffin

2004 Ram Diesel
Wal Mart Parking

Walmart should be used as a resting(overnight) stop. Not a destination. Who would want to stay in a parking lot for destination spot anyway? I plan to stay overnight in one on my way to my destination this Thanksgiving(for my first time) Looking forward to saving that 18.00 for fuel. Best not to disrupt the other campers late at night anyway. They know you will spend money there anyway(most of the time)
Wal Mart Parking

Hello everyone, I just bought a new motor home and the guys at work were giving me a clowning me about gas prices, they wanted to know where we were going this year for vacation. I told them a Wal-Mart parking lot in our area. :laugh:
Wal Mart Parking

I have just about quit using Wal-Mart for stop-overs because of the way I was treated at them..

The parking spaces were too narrow and I had to take up two spaces for the slide out and BBQ grill to set in..

and by the time I set out the potted plants in the sun and the lounge chairs around the fold up picnic table and beer cooler.. it was just too crowded..

and would you believe...??? there was no garbage cans or sewer dump !!
not even so much as a fire ring and wood pile..

I tell ya, Wal-Mart is going to the dogs.. speaking of which, there were signs saying to pick up after my dog... just who do they think they are ??? Dogs have been crapping on this earth for thousands of years and nobody picked up after them ... why start now ?

I had to leave all my garbage in a paper bag in the parking lot when I left and I had to dump the black tank in the grass at the edge of the parking lot..

I really think Wal-Mart should be a little more considerate of us RVers... after all I did go inside during the day to cool off in their air conditioning and I did wander up and down the isles and let them know how I felt about the prices going up again this year..

Every year Wal-Mart opens a new store somewhere and I sure hope the new stores are better planned than the old ones ..

Wal Mart Parking

A post that bears repeating.........
quote:I am going to put myself behind the :8ball: with this post but I am a firm believer that if you can afford to own an RV, be it a new or used Class A, B or C, a TT, a 5er or what ever, than you can da&n well afford to stay in a campground. If you are too cheap or can't afford a campground than you should never have bought an rv in the first place. In my book anyone overnighting in a WalMart or any store or restaurant parking lot is a squatter. And hiway rest areas should be used to "rest" not for overnighting. Save the rest areas and truck stops for the truckers. These folks have to be out there for a living.
The rvers excuse of having been on the road all day and just stopping for a rest is bogus. You should have planned your route ahead of time. You know your destination and you should know the required travel time to get there and allowing additional time for unexpected delays should all be part of anyone's travel plans. As there are campgrounds at most all Interstate exits there is no need to be staying over in a WalMart parking lot. Unless of course your are too cheap to spend the bucks on a campground.
These cheap "you know whats" also give rvers a bad name. More than once I have heard non-rvers refer to the owners of rigs sitting in a WalMart parkig lot as Trailer Trash. This occured to me and I had only pulled in to stock up on supplies. I confronted the individual and he explained that the community was tired of these "free loading trailer trash" (his words not mine) and that the local government was about to pass an ordinance disallowing overnight rv's on any parking lot. I explained that I sympathized with them and felt that all governing bodies should pass such ordinances. I also mentioned that I was only stocking up and would be leaving shortly. He than apologized to me but not to the four rigs that were apparently there for a night or more. If you can't afford a campground or are too cheap to pay for a site than sell the rig.
In all the time I have been hauling a 5er around I have never found a reason for overnighting in some parking lot, truck stop or rest area.

Now as is the custom, Let the FLAMES begin.

They always do when some one disagrees with the WalMart freeloaders.

I posted this some time ago to a different WalMart thread and got a rash of you know what from all the WalMart freeloaders and I don't think this one will be any different.