Walkie Talkies

[Tara] Do hand held walkie talkies really work well for the driver when using it for directions when backing up? I would think a hands free unit would work better. Are there any out there?
Walkie Talkies

[Keith] My wife and I use the handheld walkie talkies when we park our 5ver. I turn the volumn all the way up and lay the radio next to me and when I hear my wife, I stop backing and use the radio if a response is required.
Walkie Talkies

[Gary B] We have had a set for a couple of yrs. they work great, I think you can get the headset for any of them. I do like the other post turn up the volume, works good. Happy trails GB
Walkie Talkies

[Jim & Cathy] We have been using the hand-helds for 2 yrs. now. They work fine. As another post mentioned, I turn up the volume and lay the unit on the seat next to me while backing. My wife holds the other unit and does the talking. Most of the talking is done by the person giving the directions. If the driver has a question or comment he usually has to stop anyway so hand-held is not a problem.
BTW - they&#039re also great for keeping in contact in large stores like WalMart. We can each go after the things we want and we don&#039t waste a lot of time looking for each other.
Walkie Talkies

[sandie] i use a portable CB. i have a kind that i can put on high/low and i put them on low when we park so i am not taking up a channel that people out on the road are using. that way i have the CB for the road and also for parking and keeping in touch in the parks etc.