Walkwalk lights

In reference to my Newmar-1995 Kountry Aire. Yesterday I re-did all battery connections and cables, new house batterys, etc. Checked all 12 volt accessories and even though the MH was parked, with no human contact since 2005 everything seems to be working. The question I have to anyone with or famiar with a 1995 Newmar is, where is the switch for the floof level walkway lights. One is located at top step on right one is right behind drivers seat and others are in each room. All lights work but I can't find how to switch them off. Thanks for the help and even though MH won't be ready till 2013. I'm still a happy Camper.:)

TC Coody

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on my '95 Kountry Aire have a 3 switches in the bedroom, drivers side.

The top is for the walk lights, the other 2 are speaker lights. another location is the driver panel on the Left side there is a light switch to turn them on.

Last switch is next to the entrance door, there is a switch that will turn on the step lights.

hope this helps
Thanks for your help, I will check the switches out! Yesterday I extended the slide out. Today I tried to retract it but it would only come in 6 inches, I guess I need to check voltage and all connections first. 6 year outside in storage takes it toll. Is there anything special you need to turn on for the back up camera, mines is made by Clarion. I also need to know what the black box mounted on the dash (near the parking brake and engine compartment release cable) The box has a on off switch and a red light. I think it has a name on it, RESCO . I hope I not boring you with all the questions. I don't have many manuals and the closest thing I have to this MH is a popup. You got to start someplace.

TC Coody

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The manual was almost worthless.

Were you able to slide it back in? I do know that the slide out has a adjustment on the stitch to increase the amount of "Push", and if it has too much resistance will not go any further.

On a side note, mine has what looks like small ground up pieces of plastic, orange in color, that is left over after the slide is out. (looks like Cheetos on the carpet) I am unsure what this is, any ideas?
I also had orange particals on my carpet. What I concluded is that its the grinding of the padding under the carpet. I have torn out about 50% of my carpet and the padding is orange. I did find a manual in my MH and it too tell about the systems but no detail (useless) You say the adjustment is on switch that controls the slide movement (in upper cabinet, above lounge chair)