wall mart

[bob] has anybody had any experience using a wall mart
parking lot in an emergency? can you use any one?
should you ask first? any stories out there?
wall mart

[Will] Yep. Pulled our 35 ft class A (w/jeep in tow) in during raging thunderstorm once & for lunch once. No overnites---yet. Just use good-neighbor common sense. You&#039re just visiting, on their nickel. You might even spend some of your nickels for stuff in their store. If you&#039re not sure where to park, ask the mgr. In most cases you&#039ll be welcome to stay; but don&#039t over-stay. It&#039s a pit stop, not a campground.
wall mart

[Gary B] Hi Bob, yes you should go in ask the Manager for permission, unless it is prohibited by local ordinance they will welcome you, will probaly ask you to park off to the edge out of the way. You can usually stay at Flying J truck stops also, as mentioned don&#039t forget to spend alittle with the nice folks, Happy trails GB
wall mart

[Jim M] Hi BOB: We&#039ve done it a couple of times, Wal Mart even sells an atlas that shows all of their store locations. They tell me that many of them don&#039t require store manager contact. I have seen a lot of truckers in them too. Recently I saw so many trucks in one that it looked like a rest area--kinda bothered me a little bit, it was a little early in the evening and the trucks took up a lot of space--I wondered if the manager might put a stop to it because of the trucks and hurt us RVers in the process. One time we stayed in a particularly busy one all night and my wife had trouble sleeping because of people driving by to look at our RV. She imagined all sorts of perils that night. I have heard that many cracker barrells also don&#039t mind an occasional overnight.