Wallpaper an RV?

Hi - wondering if anyone has re-wallpapered their rig, and with what success? Any particular recommendations regarding glue, etc? The rig sits outside in the SD summer sun (so gets warm inside but not extreme) and is stored inside in winter (but still gets well below freezing in the uninsulated storage building).



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Wallpaper an RV?

Hi Folks,

Last spring I papered a 76 Shasta TT because I didn't like the old paneling and I needed to replace a section of ceiling. I used a commercial grade prepasted paper, almost fabric. I used regular paste on the paper and it held up pretty well during the summer and winter in CT. If you click on the web page listed you'll be able to see some of the before and after and after pictures.


You may notice that the paper job was exposed to some severe cold, snow and rain. Only one small piece rolled because of direct contact with the elements.

Hope this helps. It's a fun job! :dead: and I have to do it again on the new used one.

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Wallpaper an RV?

Thanks for the info Steve - and the link to the pix. That was quite a blow your camper took :( We'll be papering over factory-installed paper - kind of a shiny/satin finish - so will be sure to "prep well" and hope for the best! Happy Summer :)