When you stay at a WalMart ... how do you approach the Manager and ask for permission to stay on the lot?

Are there certain times that you stop for the night and leave the next morning?

Is the lot quiet enough to rest or do you have a lot of noise from cars pulling in/out and trucks idling nearby??

Any tips or advice greatly appreciated...

C Nash

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Charley and Donna,
We have stayed a few nights in WallMarts lot. I generally just ask for the manager and ask him if it would be ok to spend a few hours in his lot. Does not hurt to have some purchases in the buggy when asking :evil: . It is usually late (after 10 PM) and we will leave (before 8). Noise has never been a problem if you park away from the Semis and roads. Most walmart lots are big so we get as far away from the store and shoppers parking as possible. Most that do not allow stopping will have signs posted. Campgrounds could eliminate the need for lot parking if they would offer late stop overs and just charge for the hours spent there. Hate to pay for a day when we will only be there 4 hours or so and probably not use there facilites. Just an area to boondock in would be nice. Much rather stay at campground than parking lots. Course some of the Walmart parking lots are better than some campgrounds
We never let awning out, drop leveling jacks, sit out chairs but will run the generator if it will not disturb anyone and ac is needed. leave no trash and pick up any around you even if it was not yours. Same rule applies here as campsite leave them cleaner than you found them and never never drain any liquids on ground.


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C Nash gave great advice especially as to proper manners when parking. Too many ungratful slobs are responsible for an increasing number of Wally Worlds prohibiting overnite parking by RVers. They stay too long, punch holes in the pavement with their jacks, dump gray and black tanks in parking lots, leave garbage, etc. :disapprove:


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Exactly so! As in most things in life the 2 percenters ruin it for the rest. There oughta be a law! In fact there is (well, maybe not for this particular topic, but I betcha most laws in our society were brought about to rein in the 2 percenters.

In our trip back east last year we stayed at quite a few Walmarts, always with permission of the store manager. I don't recall seeing any examples of blatant disregard of common sense rules; but I have no doubt they occur.

We stayed at the Steamboat Springs, Colorado Walmart about this time last year. Around two in the morning a sweeper started sweeping the parking lot. Sounded like a back hoe digging a ditch. After an 1/2 hour I said the heck with it and brought in the slides in preparation of leaving. I was doing the walk around when some guy in an apartment next to the parking lot got the operators attention and really verbally lambasted him at something like 20 decibels. Highlights were: "its three in the morning you moron", "people are trying to sleep" and a few other choice phases containing the more descriptive words of the kings english. I went back to bed.

Point being I wasen't going to say anything because I was on their property and agents of the owner can do what they want when they want (pertaining to the property of course) But I (and probably the 6 or 7 other campers) were most definitely agreeing with and rooting for the apartment dweller.


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Charley and Donna-Sometime you cant always find the manager.I usually ask one of the sales people what thier policy is and ask them if I cant find the manager.Never had a problem,also I have been in wal-mart overnight when it was not at all quiet,Like Hannibal.Mo.But the best part is if you dont like it-drive away!!!GL :angry: :laugh: :) :disapprove:


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Hi Guys
I too use wallmarts when traveling. I agree with keeping your stay a low profile one and maybe even pickup a little trash and push a few carts towards the store.
In my case wallmart is making out well as we do a lot of shopping, get hairdoos(not me , mine is gone) rent movies etc..
I usually do not stay if no other RVs are there.

robert adams

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Hi all, first post.
We are new, have only made 2 trips so far (about 3500 miles)and stayed in Walmarts most of the time. Our plan is to see the country not the rv parks, so we drive most every day. When we want to take a couple of days off, we will find a park.

Have not had a problem staying in Walmarts yet. Always ask somebody in the store. Usually the service desk is where we go (with basket of stuff in tow) and they will call the manager or just tell us what the policy is.

We don't drive at night so we are stopped by 5 or 6 pm and leave around 7 or 8 am. We park way away from the store and their traffic.
Yep, had the sweeper wake me up a couple of times, but I can sleep through just about any kind of noise.