"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Ooooh, I'm a cheap S-O-B.
I stay at Wally World for free.
They get no money out of me,
and they have no place to dump my pee.

I'm waltzing across Wal Mart
I'm waltzing across Wal Mart
I don't spend cash 'cause I'm too smart
when looking for a place to park.

Shall I go on?

C Nash

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"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Don't call me a S.O.B to my face :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: but after re reading I see you called yourself one. My Mama is great :approve:
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I just hired a man who sold a local campground in Nov. He said people would come in and just want to dump their tanks. He worked up to charging as much as $50.00 to dump and refill the fresh water tank. Some folks would decide to stay and have full hookups. One couple bragged to his work-campers one time that they had not dumped for 14 days. Put yourself in his shoes, his septic had to handle all that. It is not fair for hard working campground owners. The Wal-Mart here as banned all overnight stays. I give them a thumbs up.

Wal-Mart started letting people stay overnight, when there was nothing else, but naturally some people take advantage of them and put slides out, awnings, grills, and stay for a week. NOT what they had in mind. Keep it up and all Wal-Marts, and others, will ban it.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Grandview T.S.

I'm with you.
My song lyrics were meant to point out that there are alot of cheap SOB's going well beyond what WalMart intended.
Check this out...I used it in an earlier post, but it fits well here....

I am reprinting this WITHOUT the permission of the originator....BUT, I'm sure he would approve since the original thread was the same topic.....

I have just about quit using Wal-Mart for stop-overs because of the way I was treated at them..

The parking spaces were too narrow and I had to take up two spaces for the slide out and BBQ grill to set in..

and by the time I set out the potted plants in the sun and the lounge chairs around the fold up picnic table and beer cooler.. it was just too crowded..

and would you believe...??? there was no garbage cans or sewer dump !!
not even so much as a fire ring and wood pile..

I tell ya, Wal-Mart is going to the dogs..speaking of which, there were signs saying to pick up after my dog... just who do they think they are ??? Dogs have been crapping on this earth for thousands of years and nobody picked up after them ... why start now ?

I had to leave all my garbage in a paper bag in the parking lot when I left and I had to dump the black tank in the grass at the edge of the parking lot..

I really think Wal-Mart should be a little more considerate of us RVers... after all I did go inside during the day to cool off in their air conditioning and I did wander up and down the isles and let them know how I felt about the prices going up again this year..

Every year Wal-Mart opens a new store somewhere and I sure hope the new stores are better planned than the old ones ..



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"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

I for one am glad Walmart allows us RV's to stay on their parking lot overnite when we could not find a campground in Mississippi, the only one available was a state park and it was a backin and we are towing. Then we went to where T/L said there was one and guess what there had never been one there. I wish everyone would be like a Scout and leave Walmart parking lot better than they found it. We stopped overnite had to move out the slides, but parked where the trucks park. Went in to Walmart bought supper and a few other things. Got up the next morning made coffee using the generator just long enough to make the coffee. But before we stayed we went into Walmart and ask permission and Thanked them. I would not do it often, but when you are between a rock and a hard spot it is nice to have a friend like WALMART.javascript:insertsmilie(' :) ')
Smile :)
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

I'm with you Plant. If you have no other choice, it's good to know Wally World will let you be an overnight guest. We've only done it once and truthfully, it was just too noisy for us, but it helped us out for that one night. And I like you, bought enough stuff the next day to have paid for a spot! Actually every time I go into Wally World I spend at least $50 bucks! Dang, I just can't help myself!
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

I have done it once myself. I pulled in late one night after they closed and was gone before they opened. Again, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole basket for everyone.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

I have had two wonderful Wal-Mart experiences.
First - a sudden storm came upon us, with unforcasted cat.2 hurricane force winds. I found the nearest exit and ducked into a Wal-Mart lot. The storm had stopped all traffic on the highway for 12 hours, and had knocked out electircal power through the entire metropolitan area. I saw a class A get blown on it's side. The store manager let me park my RV next to the building as protection from the high winds.

Second - During a long run of one night stands, I went to an RV park based on a high recommendation in Woodall's. Arrived to discover it was a total dump, and a local meeting point for area crackheads. I drove on but found nothing else. A Walmart was just 10 KM away. I stayed there the night. In the morning i discovered my engine battery had gone dead. The WM automotive manager assisted me in finding their best battery for that motor and even helped me install it. He also found a loose gen set cable which i had missed.

Walmart gets my business because they have earned it. They recieve my money and my complete respect, and I recieve a safe place to stop when needs arise. It would be a shame to loose such good neighbors to a few very bad people. If I catch any one abusing, they will know quickly.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Take #2 Still working

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart while parking on their lot
Staying where the camping is free

Out come the slides, the chairs and the fake grass
Just sitting up our RV

Folks are a staring but we ain’t a caring
If the satellite has its own parking spot

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart
Just staying on their lot
Come in and camp with me

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart going to shop till we drop
Just happy as we can be

Stocking up the RV with things that we need
It seems the parking ain’t free

The carts getting fuller and we’re getting poorer
We should have stayed out at the park

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart
Just staying on their lot
Come in and camp with me

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart when a wheel on our cart
Stops turning, wouldn’t you know

Over 300 carts out on their lot
We pick the one that won’t roll

We push and we shove till we get to the checkout
Now it’s time for us to go

We’re waltzing thru Wal-mart
Just staying on their lot
Come in and camp with me
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Cliff, the DH and I are currently staying at The Quiet One RV Park in Rockport, Texas and the local Wal-Mart here actually has designated parking for the RV's. Pretty cool!

"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Thanks Snowbird for the great pictures it is good to see some bad people have not spoiled it for all of us.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"


Yes, we like Rockport pretty well. We're staying at The Quiet One RV Park which is about 6 blocks off Bus 35. It's very small (only about 35 spaces) but adequate and the price was right! $75 for a week + electricity. $170 for a month. We're moving on tomorrow to Port Aransas to the On The Beach RV Park.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Yep, we did it this morning. They had us take up two lanes on the right side of the little ferry boat. That's a much smaller ferry than the last one we were on. It's also a real quick ride. We didn't have any trouble and our truck and trailer combined is about 61 feet in length.

Can't say a whole lot yet for the RV Park we're in now. It's called On The Beach RV Park. It's the most crowded spot we've ever been in so far in all our travels! It's so close you can't even put your awning out! We barely got our slide-out out. I'm glad we'll only be here for a week.
"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

SnowbirdIn-Flight sorry to hear the On The Beach RV Park is so crowded. We are Llano Grande at Mercede TX and some of the people leaving here are headed there. We are headed to Longhorn at Victoria TX a nice place we will just stay over nite and head to Lafayette, La actually the KOA at Scott with the good restaurants close by. Good luck hope the next campground is better.


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"Waltzing Across Wal-Mart"

Snowbird, will you still be in the area next weekend? We will be going to Rockport to see ARCHER. Thought maybe we could stop and say hi if you were still around. Shirley said to go to Fins and get the grilled chicken sandwich with mushrooms and swiss cheese.