Wanna see RV Park owners scramble


Folks its funny now nut when it happened I wanted to crawl under the nearest camper. :(

Went to Jellystone in Robert, LA to visit my kids. Had a wonderful weekend with the little ones.

While there decided to pull a little PM on my batteries which were low on water. Well they were lower than I thought so whem I added 2 pints of water to each battery :clown:
I paid the price the next morning. I had diluted the acid down so much they were deaAAAAAd.

So rule number one check them at least once a week if you are connected to shore power for a while.

Well replaced the batteries, Precious was upset some what due to my blunder. Well earlier I gas disconnected the elec and sewer but the Bride said to leave the water hooked for a while.

Well we are all ready and I pulled out the spot. Several people were waving at me and ole happy me just waved back. About a block down the camp ground road some idiot was running along side of me just a waving and I just waved back till he hollered at me.

Jup I forgot to disconnect the dang water hose :laugh: :evil: I looked back and I didn't know 60 pounds of water pressure would shoot so high.

Well I turned around and went back to the spot of my demise and apologized profusly as the camp ground hands tried to cut the water off.

They were nice a said I did not owe them anything for the damage.

They also told me not to feel bad cause last weekend some idiot like me drove off without disconnecting his electrical and that made some good sparks.

Moral of the story check and double check hoses, antennas and anything else or you will have a sheepish grin like I had.


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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

Poppa, your a better man than I. I don't think I could have told that story! But I'm glad you did, because it is one of my many fears!

I've waved at a number of MHs with their TV antenna stuck up in the air to no avail. They didn't even wave back!

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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

My TV antenna is my downfall. The problem is that it is located over my bedroom slide. Every time I forget it, I have to run the slide out again. The other day I picked up some clear address labels at Walmart and ran them through my computer. Now I have a label over my bed slide switch that asks: TV ANTENNA DOWN?


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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

Now I ain't never drove off with any thing still connected or sticking up, but.......
While packing the trailer, I pulled the tv into the adjacent empty site and everything was going great. Got the trailer packed, things inside secure, antennae down, awning rolled up and latched. Instead of pulling forward through the site to the street, then backing straight to the trailer, I cut across the site. I managed to drive over the water hydrant. It was protected by a 3' high 4X4 painted white. I was so engrossed in just getting hitched quickly, I wasn't watching.
I will confirm what Poppa said about water shooting so high.. Another item: Each RV in that park had at least 4 occupants, all of who were "home" that morning and "all" came out to see the water spout. Since the park water system was on a grid layout, the water had to be cut off at both ends, leaving the entire campground without water until the pipe was repaired.
I still have a white paint spot on my blue bumper, that I will leave there to remind me to watch what I'm doing in the future.....

Speaking of antennaes, there was a camper next to me one time that was from half way across the USA. During the 2 days we were there, I attempted to strike up a conversation with him, to no avail. Don't know if he was sick, having problems at home or just unsociable.... On the day he left, he pulled out of the site with his antennae up. I tried to get his attention but he just stared straight ahead. I cut through a site to intercept him as he rounded the turn. I pointed to his antennae and yelled that it was up. That poor guy just frowned, waved goodby with one finger and sped off.
Then there was the guy who packed everything up, hitched up and started to pull out when his DW got out to take one final look around. She told him he had left the antennae up. He was embarrassed because a few of us were watching his departure. Then when he got back into his vehicle and started the engine, I walked over and reminded him it might be a good idea to remove and stow the wheel chocks before pulling out.
We all have a bad day every now and then....

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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

Hey guys, try check lists. My "sweet lady" won't let me do anything until she checks it off her list. She has been doing this for 12 years. Works pretty good until I do something when she's not around.
We use a red triangle TV antennae up warning sign that hangs down on a chain from the TV antennae up/down handle. Works pretty good if wifey is around with her check list to remind me to hook the TV antennae up warning sign on to the antennae up/down handle. :clown:
I would like a dollar for every yellow plastic chock I have placed behind the wheel of my tow vehicle while temporarily parking while towing and then proceeding on down the road after crunching the chock. Wifey now hangs a TV antennae up sign off my sun visor so I'll remember to remove the chock.


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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

DL, it looks like you really need an 'up-chock' sign on your visor! ;) Oops! You might think that means to do something else and make a mess! :eek: :laugh:


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Re: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

I too have goobered a couple of times, having started to pull out when some one stopped me to tell me I left the tv antenna up, and dang if it didnt bust it all to heck so I coulded put it up again. And at my home I have a complete rv hook up set up in my yard and drove out one time forgetting to unplug the rv, luckily it did not damage and I only dragged the cable out of the yard. Since I always stop to double check everything before departing.


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RE: Wanna see RV Park owners scramble

The inside of our 5th wheel is my responsibility while my husband tends to the outside. When we got home one time we discovered that I had forgotten to take the tv off the folding shelf in the bedroom. Needless to say it didn't make the trip home in very good condition.( I think I need a list too.) Always worried I'll forget to turn off something.....