Want to purchase a Class C

We live in Australia and will be visiting the US in August this year for 1 month, we want to research the RV market in the Nor Cal Area as next year we will return and buy an RV to travel around in for about 4 months. We will also be towing a covered car trailer with a 1932 Ford Roadster hot rod inside.
I have seen RV's from Cruise America for sale the seem quite good, done about 90,000 miles but quite new. Has anyone experienced buying one of these?
We may sell it after our holiday or we may leave it there and use each year for our overseas holidays, depending on many things.
We will have around $20000 to spend. A dealer in San Francisco has told us they can source one for us and then will sell once we return, or the other option is for them to rent out for us while we are back in Australia and that way we should be able to keep it. Not sure how this would work?
We have set up a LLC in Montana so registering and insurance will be no problem.
We are probably looking for a 25-30 foot RV, diesel or petrol, not sure, V10 Ford? any advise would be appreicated.
Are we better to buy off a dealer or a private seller and get it fully checked out?
Happy to lisern to any advise.
Thanks :)


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Re: Want to purchase a Class C

Welcome to the best RV forum on the web and welcome to the States when you come to visit. In my opinion with 20k to spend you are going to end up with a well used gas engine Class C. You will probably be pushing the limits of your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating towing an enclosed trailer with a car inside. I know my 31' Class C with the Ford V10 was straining quite often while towing my minivan on a tow dolly. As for dealer or private seller - at least with a dealer you have someone to complain to if something goes wrong. The dealer has a rep to maintain and a service facility to fix things. JMHO. :laugh:


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Re: Want to purchase a Class C

First of all, in order to register, title and insure an RV in the USA, you must first have an address in the state where it will be registered. All vehicle registrations here are done by state and the requirements do vary to some degree. Let me suggest that you first visit the link below and read what was written there by a fellow Australian citizen who does exactly what you have in mind, except that he stores his RV here when he returns home and then comes back to use it again. You can find his story at this link: