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We are looking for a used 40' pusher with rear bath and a half floorplan. 2003 thru 2006. 3or more slides or 2 with 1 FULL slide.
Hoping someone knows of one for sale. Please e-m me at arlins@att.net. Arlen

you usually will not find a pusher with a rear bath. The engine is in the way of the plumbing and you must have access to the top of the engine. That is why they put the bed in the rear. You just lift the bed and then lift the engine hatch to acess the top of the engine. If you want to find a good pusher, go to www.rvtrader.com and type in what you are looking for. I would recomend an allegro or a newmar product.

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Might also go right over to the left top of page and click on rv search right here on RVUSA

The Monaco has the bath & 1/2 with bath in the rear. They are also making the 2 slide with full slide. You can search the floorplans to know what to look for used by going to monacocoach.com. At the top, click on products, and follow through to class A diesel, go to Signature (this is one of their models), then top left click on floorplans. After that, start over and look at the Executives (another model). Yes, they are $$$ but you can search for one used right here on the sight or many other sights by going to google.com and typing in preowned rv.