Warning!! Stevens RV in Lafayette, LA


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Warning to all, check your service tickets WELL, or it could cost you major money.

In May of 2008, we bought a new RV in Albuquerque, NM and drove it home to Baton Rouge. The unit needed some warranty work and we were referred to Stevens RV by Jayco. When we dropped off the RV for service in early October, we told Paulette, the Jayco service manager, to change the oil in the unit and the generator, install tire extenders, along with the other warranty work.

When we picked the unit up 2 months later, (yes, 2 months) we looked over the invoice and everything looked to be in order. There were 2 line items listed under oil change. One for 87.00 and the other for 21.00.

Our RV sat most of the Winter aside from a short drive to Natchitoches during Christmas and was not used again until June 2009 when we took a trip to Yellowstone. Before the trip we checked all of the fluids, tires, etc. and had no problems on our trip. Then in October we drove up to Virginia for the RVUSA Meet and Greet and experienced genset problems on the way home.

To make a very long story short, our generator blew a piston and Stevens RV says they did not change the generator oil the first time it was brought in and therefore Onan will not warranty the genset.

Now in all fairness, Paulette the Jayco Service Manager is no longer at Stevens RV, however I would strongly urge anyone using this facility to double and triple check to make sure all of your work is done, and done properly.
Re: Warning!! Stevens RV in Lafayette, LA

And to further spell it out, what Stevens RV apparently wouldn't do is state (for their customer) that the $21 they charged was for changing the oil in the genset.


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Re: Warning!! Stevens RV in Lafayette, LA

JR write to Action Line in the Good Sam magazine. I have read many positive results.

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Re: Warning!! Stevens RV in Lafayette, LA

How many hrs are on the gen? Why will the dealer not say what the 21 bucks were for? How many qts of oil were you charged for? Sounds like Onan is trying to get out of fixing it to me. Was it low in oil? Should have cut off if it was before damage. Like Hollis I think I would get in touch with Action line. Try talking to someone higher up the ladder at Onan. Sorry to hear of your problem and I feel for you. Hope someone will come through for you. Ouch, don't think I want to know what the cost for that repair cost you :(


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Re: Warning!! Stevens RV in Lafayette, LA

Thanks Tex for helping to clarify the point that Stevens says the oil was not changed.

They said the two line items indicates that they"started" the oil change on the coach, and stopped...then restarted the oil change...Does that even make sense???? The $21.00 non oil change-$3687.00 :blackeye:

We are still considering filing a complaint with the Action Line but we are concerned that our "original" check in sheet will have disappeared by now. Can't hurt to try. :(

Hours on Genset they said was 400. There were 50 on it when we bought it from when the brought it down from Indiana. The first thing we checked when it cut off was the oil. It was a bit low but nothing that concerned us. We thought possibly a wire had worked loose or the fuel line may have been clogged. No such luck.

We did bring the old unit home to have a mechanic look at it and he is a friend since 1977, so we trust him. When he gives us his opinion, we'll decide on the next course of action.

Thanks for all of the support here on this forum. It is great to have a world of knowledge at our fingertips.