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I guess the big two are CSP from Good Sam's and Warranty Experts. I've been told that both are only brokers and have basically the same underwriters. That being said does any one have any pro's or con's to either? The CSP policy seems much more expensive. Any comments are appreciated.
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They wouldn't offer a warranty if the statistical odds weren't in their favor. We paid $1200 plus interest for a warranty on our 5'er and got back $500 in use. If you buy one, make sure everything you want under warranty is spelled out in detail in the contract or they won't cover it. :(


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Re: warranty plans

There are 2 flavors of contract, 'inclusive' or 'exclusive'. The 'inclusive' contracts will cover the things listed in the contract and NOTHING ELSE. These should generally be avoided. The 'exclusive' contract will cover anything EXCEPT the things listed in the contract. Make sure you review this list carefully. In either case, make sure you know exactly what you need to do to be eligible for (usually the maintenance documentation required) and receive service (the authorization procedure) since any company will deny your claim if you don't fulfill the contractural requirements completely.

Also, check out the company AND their 'reinsurer' financial condition. Many extended warrantees have become invalid by the collapse of the insuring complany.
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I've discovered that the Good Sam's CSP is an insurance policy for repair. The others are extended warranties. The main difference is ( from what I've learned...maybe I'm wrong on this) a company that issues a warranty can go belly up and the customer is lost. An insurance company must comply with a different set of laws that prohibit that from taking place. Makes a big difference.
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RE: warranty plans

While the two that you mention are probably the best known, nearly every dealer also sells at least one and if you do an internet search you can probably locate several more. This is an area that deserves some careful study because they range from quite good to nearly worthless. They very seldom save an RV owner money as that isn't what they are designed to do. What they do is to insure you to protect you from a disaster in the event that you have major problems. Obviously, the companies would not be in business for long if the paid out more than the cost of the contracts, very often. If you wish to read an article on this subject of such choices which was published in the magazine of the Escapees RV Club, just visit this link.

RE: warranty plans

nice article. Pretty much sums it all up. But the thing that got me is one is insurance and the other is not. Have you heard that before?