Washer & Dryer - Any recommendations?

We have a Mobile Scout 5th wheel and are going to install ourselves a stackable washer and dryer. I will have to cut out a hole on the side for the dryer vent - does anyone have any bad or good experiences they can share with me in doing this? Maytag makes a 23-5/8" that will fit in the laundry closet. The combo washer/dryers are just too expensive. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :question:
Re: Washer & Dryer - Any recommendations?

Make sure that the maytag is a 120volt unit and not a 240volt. Whirlpool and Kenmore make 120volt units. As far as cutting the hole, just make sure that you seal with TackyTape between the side and the outside vent and then use a good silicon or acrylic sealant around the edges.
Re: Washer & Dryer - Any recommendations?

You sure you want that added weight in your 5th wheel? How much laundry do you do on the road? Does it justify the expense plus the added weight of hauling them around? We bought our motorhome with a washer/dryer combo already in it. If I had it to do over I wouldn't have bought the motorhome with it. Waste of space and waste of time. A trip to the laundry mat would have been a lot less expensive, I wouldn't have to winterize the washing machine, and the closet would have been put to better use.

Just something to think about.
Re: Washer & Dryer - Any recommendations?

Why would a person winterize the washing machine if your a full-timer? We bought our MobileSuite with a stackable Kenmore w/d and what it has saved in laundrymats and the convenience is worth their weight in gold!