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I bought my RV because it had hookups for a washer/dryer. However, the opening is too small. Has anyone else had this problem. . . do they just remove the moulding? I'm worried it may be more trouble and expense than it's worth. Any opinions on whether a W/D is worthwhile? or any horror stories about having one installed? :( :(
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Yes, it a Splendide 2000S, 110V speciflcally made for RV's Campers world told me it would be over $200.00 installation fee, IF it would fit.

DL Rupper

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Wow, looks like the manufacturer screwed up. I personally think the washer/dryers are not too usable as they take so long to complete a load. However, many of the forum regulars like them. It's all a matter of opinion. I also hate the laundries in the RV parks. To me it's a no win situation.

How close is the splendide to fitting? If it's a matter of removing molding I wouldn't pay someone $200 to do it. See if you couldn't do it yourself or hire a carpenter to do it.