Washing Your Trailer

Hi everyone -

I understand the importance of washing your trailer and was hoping someone could answer a few of my questions.

I purchased my 2007 Jayco JayFeather May 1st of this year and have used it enough to warrant it's first good washing. The exterior is fiberglass so I was wondering what type of cleaning solution I can use to clean the outside of it - a mild dish-washing liquid or would a product specific for cleaning a trailer work better? I also have read that using a power-washer is not the best idea as the pressure can remove any decals on the trailer or permeate any seals. Does this go for those truck stops you see here and there that have the ability to wash big rigs and RV's? Are these places reliable? Any tips on how often I should wash my rubber roof and what to use on it? Should I wash it every time I wash the trailer itself? How often should I wax it and does any one have a suggestion on what brand is best to use? Do I dry the trailer when I'm done washing or let it air-dry? :)

I appreciate any help out there I can get and look forward to reading your responses! Thanks in advance for all y'alls help!
Re: Washing Your Trailer

go to Dollar Tree and get a spray bottle of Awesome for black streaks and bug goo. Other than that I get a gallon jug of Wash and Wax , the same product I use on my car< to wash the trailer

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Re: Washing Your Trailer

I use NuFinish Car Wash (when the RV Parks allow hose water washing) and it works fairly good. We are full timers and most RV Parks won't allow RV or vehicle washing using their water. So we hand wash the RV using Fantastik Orange Action General Purpose Spray Cleaner (full strength), wiping/scrubbing it off with old towels and rinsing after with a spray bottle of water and wiping dry with old towels (we have lots of old towels). Hard to do, but actually cleans much better than soapy water and brush, rinsing with hose water. :bleh:

Note: We used Dollar General brand Orange Spray Cleaner and some other off brand Orange Spray Cleaner once and it was really hard on the finish and decals.

For the roof you can use any mild detergent or rubber roof cleaners, just so long as whatever you use doesn't contain petroleum products. It seems petroleum products are detrimental to rubber roofs. They do make rubber roof UV protectorates, but are a lot of work to apply. :eek: