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I found a 95 Shasta 240MB on a Ford chassis (Class C). I spent four hours as a rookie checking out everything. Verified everything worked and found two coach seams that let in some water. Chassis looks completely solid and drives like a tiger, (26000 miles) though it appears it has not received much preventive maintenance. Tires have plenty of tread life but are seven years old and have cracks throughout. Everything I read on line states tire life is 8 years MAX. So I guess they need replaced (6 T225/75R16E at $1600). Over the Cab sleeping area: I showed the owner what I think is water damage over the cab. He pulled back some of the wallpaper on the sides and about half way back across the length of the sleeping area. The wood was all wet and saturated. The top layer was rippled 4 -6 inches back from the seam and frayed at the edges. There was also a circular dip spot 7 inches in diameter that did not seem any softer than anywhere else. Upon my comments that this is serious, the 81-year-old hard charging RV owner (155 LBS) commenced to stab it with his pocketknife to show it was still solid. The knife did go in about a 1/8 in but I clearly could not get the knife to go any deeper. I did not try this on the seam for fear it might. He also bounced up and down on the soft cab area. The motivating WW II vet also ordered me to do the same in which I did. We did not fall through the sleeping area and land on the hood. I looked outside of the cab for any noticeable damage but seen nothing other than the two 3-4 inch areas on the side seams where the sealant dry rotted and the water came though. I schedule an appointment for a professional RV tech to give me an estimate.

What do you all think? Should make the buy, let the wood dry, seal up all the seams, and start my maiden voyage? Or, should I consider this real damage, which may require all the moist wood to be replaced at cost around $4500 and pass this one up?

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Mike,your situation is similar to mine.I just picked up an 87 Mallard on a ford chassis.The price was very right but it needed work.Benn sitting two and a half years.The cab over had water damage and the bottom was sagging in the middle,not to mention a small fire in the bunk.Well being mechaically able or nuts,I peeled back the siding to the frame,removed it and built a copy of it and put it all back together. It was some what of a challenge but I think I built it better then the factory.As far as tires,what are you looking at for $1600 bucks. Go to a B J's or Costco,or Sams club,depending where you are from and a decent 10 ply is about $130.00 at least here in Mass.Check out the Kelly Blue book price or one of the links on this forum that will take you to RV value link.All the info you'll ever need is out there for the lookin.i too am new to this and these people have been great with there info. Good luck :) Steve


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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I am not so mechanically inclined or good with wood. I will check with Costco on the tires.
I really hoping the wood will hold and I can just do some resealing.
Thanks again.

I will take all other advice.


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Hi Mike,
If you are not handy with doing this kind of MAJOR work yourself I would pass. I doubt a seal job will get you by for long. I would bet that there is major rot under the siding and floor area. This is very expensive to have repaired at a qualified rv shop. Most of the time when they get the skin off it will run more than they may have told you but, most will not give a true estimate until they peel the skin to see how much damage has been done. If the price is right and you don't mind a little sag here and there and its all you can afford GO FOR IT. Seal it and be happy. There are plenty going up and down the roads that have rotted wood. Course, I had a brother in law that was going to Alaska and the whole top blew off his!! Better to have something than nothing.

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I went and took another look at it. I peeled the weather stripping cover up along the entire seem on both sides and along the bottom of the outside of the cab over. I backed out all the screws. Some were wet and some of the heads were a little rusty, all were solid and not stripped. When I screwed them back in they all grabbed firmly. An RV tech told me based off this inspection that this cab just needs sealed and dried out. I have not decided what to do but I am swaying for making the buy.

$18000 for a 95 Shasta 240mb on a Ford with this water damage and cracked tires appears to still be a good deal??

Help me decide Mike

Hello! :) $18000.00 sure seems like an awful lot of money for something that has that kind of damage. I WOULD replace the tires; no matter what, because of age. It is up to you, Mike. If you feel it is a good buy for the money......... do it. Ultimately, you are the one who has to live in it, and with it. Best of luck!

I just finished a water damage repair on the front area of our Class C. I think that the damage was done and the prior owner didn't know of it. I think he just resealed too late. I noticed a little seam seperation about 6 months after we got the unit and heavy use of the overhead bunk.
What is so deceiving about this is that if you see a little damage outside it will be worse inside. With metal or fiberglass outer skin the moisture can't evaporate through the outer walls and with ours the inner panels had a vinyl type covering on them so the moisture could not evaporate very much on the inside. Much of the wood ribs on the front were rotten and had to be replaced. Also some of the square tubing steel framing that was on the bottom was rusted through in places because of the water seepage. I was really suprised at how wet the wood was. I had resealed the front window a couple of months earlier.
This was a LOT of work. I had to replace inner panels as well as the lower front cap. I cracked it removing it (fiberglass). I would not do it again knowing the work involved unless the unit was given to me or I bought it VERY cheap.
You may be able to get by for a while with a sealing job only. The bouncing of that overhang while traveling and use of the overhang bunks will eventually seperate it more.
Others told me the damage would be worse than I expected before starting and they were right. Trust me you will find that too.
Best Wishes to you whatever you decide.