Water Damage

My husband and I are looking into buying a used travel trailer and the description says that there is some water damage. Should we just completely forget it or should we look further into the problem? What questions should we ask the dealership re: the leak(s)?


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Re: Water Damage

Don't walk away run and run fast. Known water damage will quickly run into $1000's for repair, rot runs much further than the eye can see.

RE: Water Damage

Thank you so much for the advice. We have been tent camping for years and recently rented a cabin at a state park and now we have the bug for a trailer. Any suggestions re: questions we should ask dealers when looking to purchase used?
Re: Water Damage

Michelle, first do some searching here on this forum. There's LOTS of answers to those questions (even questions that you haven't thought of thinking about) just waiting for you to mine them like gold from the ground.

The 'Search' function is right at the top of the page under the big RV!

Have fun getting started, and like Len says, you don't want an RV that is already broken! It's much too much fun to break them yourself! :clown: