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Does anybody else have this issue. I have a new (to me) Motorhome. It does not have a gravity feed water fill only a hose connection to fill the on board water tank. This is fine when Im at home and fill up or move the RV while camping to fill but to carry water in a bucket while dry camping, it doesnt work. It s been difficult while dry camping to fill without moving the motorhome. If any body has this problem and has found a way to overcome it, I would appreciate the help. It appears I would need pressure to fill whatever the solution is because the hose connection has a check valve plus I think it sits lower than the fill inlet on the tank



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what type and brand of MH do u have???
It has gotta to have a stick the hose in and fill type of connection..
As for dry camping ,, the only segest. i have ,, is to fill the fresh water tank full and watch u'r water output ,, use only what u need to ,, JMO and i hope this helps ,, post us back on u'r findings ,, we can help u out know doubt... ;) :)
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Actually I dont dry camp a whole lot but when I do I need water. As it ends up, it has a fairly small fresh water tank( I measured it today wondering how big it was, it went dry after 2 nights of reallly short showers), so I guess you re not supposed to do a lot of dry camping with it. Forest River Sunseeker. Strange not to have a gravity fill on it.

DL Rupper

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We (2 of us) usually can get by for 4 days/3 nights dry camping with our 50 gallon fresh water tank and 3 or 4 gallon sized bottled drinking water. That includes Navy showers for all 4 days. That also tells us we don't have to worry about dumping as we have a 37 gallon black tank and one 27 and one 37 gallon gray tank. :)

I would think any large RV would have at least a 50 gallon fresh water tank.


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If you really don't have a gravity feed and want to fill from a 'bucket', how about one of those hand powered pumps? The 'JackRabbit' crank pump comes to mind. Any good hand pump with hose connections between the pump and the motorhome should do the job.
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Only purchased the Forest River after a horrible experience with Fleetwood. Will NEVER buy another one of those! Except for a couple of issues(that seem more design related than quality), this unit seems to be way ahead of what I experienced with my Fleetwood.