Water Filter Leaking ?


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Water appears to be leaking into trailer from water filter ? Have already tightened it up quite a bit ? Presently, the water filter canister is empty without filter inside container. Could this be the cause of the water leaking thru the canister threads ? Brand new FR travel trailer and having little problems already. Front cargo compartment leaks as well ? Appears to be zero caulking around outside of cargo door frame ? How would water be entering otherwise ? Frustrated with these little things but otherwise very much enjoying new trailer with family ! You should all come on up to Canada and visit Holiday Trails Camperland at Bridal Falls, British Columbia. Excellent facility ! Loving in it !!!!




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Re: Water Filter Leaking ?

The filter assembly could leak for several reasons. It is probably not built by FR so should be one that is available in other stores. It is common for the seal to leak if it is damaged. That seal is a rubber "O" ring and replacements are available so find the manufacturer's name on the housing and check at any hardware store that sells the filters. The second thing that can cause the problem is that the seal may need lubricated. You can try opening it up like you were going to install a filter. Locate the "O" ring and give it a light coating with either a silicone grease (not petroleum products) or you can use a petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline. Do not use too much as it could leach into the water system but a light coating on the seal can be helpful.

As to the bay doors, it is hard to say without looking at how they were designed if they should have been caulked. There is no caulking that shows around the doors to the bay on my motorhome, yet they do seal properly. It could be that the seals are bad, or might the doors not shut tightly enough? Many such doors have an adjustment in the latch to make then fit more tightly. that could be part of the problem.

Since the RV is new, I think that you should take it back for warranty work and let them solve the problems. I would also stick around to see what they do as you can learn from them, as well as insuring that things are addressed properly.
RE: Water Filter Leaking ?

Hm... If your water filter is new... and the covered warranty time for it is still in, then you may contact the company or distributor you bought your water filter... and claim the warranty for their product... 4396508