Water filter

Just got back from the KOA in Cherokee NC, great place and the weather was great. Anyway, I attached my filter (forgot name but it was blue, long and good for 3 months disposable kind). well we have only used it once in April and it doesn't work any more. We are going to the keys in a few weeks any suggestions.

On another note, the little white curly hose that is attached to my drain of my refer is dry rotted. I have to take it to a local RV place to have it replaced and they said it is common. Any suggestions on preventive maintain? it is strapped to the coils on the back of the refer which gets warm but is not as hot as the rest of the parts.


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Re: Water filter

hey Fireman Bob go get you a good one, I had one of those from Wall Mart used one time and got rid of it, I got a good one with replaceable cartridge mounted under the sink and the water taste great now. Cherokee is a nice place to go, been there a few times, al thought the casino didn't pay off that good. PS are you still fire fighting? I am retired chief from the federal work force.

DL Rupper

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Re: Water filter

Hey Fireman Bob, I use the SYSTEMS IV water filter that is orange on each end and white in the middle. It hooks up in-line on your hose and lasts about a year. I always change out sooner. They cost more than the cheap Camco blue product. I stay away from the Camco products at Wal-Mart. The Camco water regulators, hoses, filters don't work. The plastic Camco water regulators break or burst. The last Camco metal water regulator I bought just plugged up the first time I used it and the white water hoses at Wal-Mart leak at the connections.