Water for fuel?

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I've heard about this before, supposedly there is some way to remove the hydrogen from the water and use it as a fuel but, I'm skeptical that it would actually work in a vehicle. Even if it was possible, I'm sure the oil companies would try their best to squash it

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The oil companys bought up the patent rights to the batteries for the electric/hybrid cars in order to control the market.
Chevy made a great electric/hybrid car about 15-20 years ago, but only lasted 1-2 seasons because of this.
I am not one to believe there is a conspiracy under every rock, but this is one!
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You should probably be more specific than just saying the old tried and true cliche of "oil companies."

If I bought a specific patent, would my name be listed as the owner of the patent? Then if you wanted to use my patent to produce a battery, wouldn't I want you to pay more for it than I originally bought it for?

Would that be a "conspiracy" on my part? Or would that be a free market operation?

Electric cars don't sell because some of us are too smart to fall for their gimmickyness. Besides if you consider all the costs to "refill" a battery from the grid, a battery STILL cannot match the energy from gasoline. Until you solve that kind of problem, us dumb old RVers will stick to our petroleum-based products. You cannot legislate to the market. It has never worked and will not ever work.


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Boy someone is already lost, they have cars out now that run on hydrogen. They are being put on the roads in Calif and right now they are starting with hotels using them for picking up incoming patrons at the airports and such.
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Lee, promise to tell me when you are ready to drive that California car from Brownsville to Texline in the middle of summer. Then I'll start thinking it's a practical alternative.

BTW, every alternative anything in California is highly proped up with California taxes. :laugh:


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They say they will be ready to make those runs by this summer. Yea right we shall see. Its like the electric cars that would have electrical stations set up the end of the first year they came out. They died and some of the death dealt with no place to recharge away from home. Im waiting for those cars that are coming out that run on compressed air. Than I just have to use my motor home generator and an air compressor to refuel it. LOL
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Funny you should mention compressed air. This all reminded me that back when they were developing 'moon buggies' for the moon landing, Popular Mechanics had a bunch of them in an article.

One of those designs had 'lugs' spaced around each wheel like a tractor tire. These lugs were really more like air bags. The wheels were really valves that diverted compressed air into the appropriate air bag and exhausted the appropriate airbags.

So, as the wheel turned a 'trailing' bag was INFLATED and a 'leading' bag was deflated (as well as those in contact with the ground.)

With all four wheels doing this, the compressed air was 'pushing' the car around with those little air bags on the wheels!
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Hey you guys lighten up. I really enjoy the Forum with all the help but this is serious about our fuel. We are being asked to accept the prices which is knocking out a lot of us from travel. The money is going to make a few rich and they control us with rumors. If there is a problem somewhere they tell us it causes the cost of making fuel to go up. Why don't we have our basement researchers able to get out their ideas out without fear of the big boys? My interest in travel is at an all time high with our 34' Pace Arrow and I am trying to find out about ideas that would get us back out on the road. A hydrogen generator which most of us could put together and install without storing the gas seems worth a look.
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Ok. Let's all "lighten up" and get "serious."

"... hydrogen generator which most of us could put together and install ..." Really? I wonder why we don't all have one?

My guess is when we put it next to our hand-held nuclear generator, and our cold-fusion beaker it causes interference with the solar-array recharger on our steam-driven cow-manure powered second-hand Ugo.

How come all the really smart people come from California and always talk about "fear the big boys" conspiracies? Aren't there any smart people anywhere else?
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There you go again Tex. We all know that all the smart and rich people are in Texas with at least one oil well in their backyard. Since my backyard is so big I've got two. Gotten grease a bearing in the one closest to the house, kept me awake last night but then its easier counting by hundreds ever time it pumps.

"If there is a problem somewhere they tell us it causes the cost of making fuel to go up." Duh...could be the cost of crude which the "big boys" don't control...go to Wall Street and talk to the traders to see who sets the price. Do you think the farmer sets the price of corn or wheat....if they did they would be asking $100.00 a bushel and bread would be $5/loaf.

Man I ate when the left coasters get me so fired up this early in the morning.....


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Lets see, suggestion number one, deal with it, our gas prices are still lower than the rest of the world and yet our pay is not much different.
Suggestion number two, try workamping. Suggestion number three, get a second job. Suggestion number four, just give up rving.
I dont like the prices any more than the next man. I am disabled and should not be working but its the only way I can rv. Give up working only when one of two things happen, gas drops to two dollars a gallon or I inherit a million dollars from somewhere. Neither are gonna happen. So I run with number one and number two. I cannot get more serious than that.
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OK, you put me in my place but I get to say what I think about the prices. Isn't the profit from oil at an all time high with the oil companies? Doesn't ARCO own most of the copper deposites of the world? Haven't the Nuclear investors been given the green light to start building new plants? My family members are farmers in Iowa and I'm a fourth generation carpenter/contractor who makes a living with my hands. Being retired from working all day I have time to try to make our new 89 RV run as economical as possible. We hope to be able to join some of you out there to enjoy this great land of ours so I asked with this thread about this idea of the "water for fuel". I know I've given you more information than you need to know but is the water idea a scam?
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Its about percentages...profit. Percentage wise, Lowe's made more profit than Exxon/Mobil. Don't know about copper but I assure you, if Arco owns most of the deposits, its because they bought the leases and did the exploration. Nobody just gave them the deposits. I'll make you a deal. Give me one million dollars to drill an oil well (and that's not near enough) and if we hit all pay you 20% on your money. If we miss I'll need another mil and so on and so on.

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Just let them drill in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida. Then we would have some of our own oil before Russia/Cuba/ Venezuela steal it off our southern shores.
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I didn't click the link, but I'm sure it's quite possible in principle to get hydrogen from water. It's more a question of how efficiently you can do it. There's no doubt that a big change is necessary in how vehicles are powered, not only from a global climate change perspective, but from an economic security perspective also.

Given the enormous advances research can make given the backing, I don't think it's beyond the wit of the western economies to ween themselves from their dependance on oil.

If fuel from water is a scam now, I positively look forward to the day it isn't.