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My question is about the water heater in my 1996 Bounder which i just picked up. cant get the water heater working there are two lights near the switch above the stove. The one that concerns me says pilot on which i took to be the pilot light the light stays yellow and the heater doesnt fire. I did check and the gas is on and tank is full I thought this age water heater was direct spark anyone have any sugestions what i should check


RE: Water heater advise

I would suggest u go outside and see it the thing is actually firing up ,, i'm sure u can hear the main burner blowing all that high dollar propane...
another ??? do u hear a sparking noise when u turn the switch on ,, knida like a home grill when u use the eltronic spark to ignight it :)
Re: Water heater advise

the most common parts to go out are the Thermal switches, without these working the circuit is not complete, on the out side in the door area the black box has 2 thermals in it replace them or test them for continuity(c if they click when heat is applied like a lighter) is so then its the second most common replacement part the PC Board, u can buy a universal board at most rv dealers for around $150.00. those besides a bad ground are the only 2 thing to stop the wh from going into ignition, also after 3 attempts and it dont light it goes into lock-out. Cheers!


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what model and type is the WH???
And as Kali said it's more than likly the board another question u do have water in the heater ,, my WH won't fire unless there is a full tank of water in it... :)
If u'r gonna go after market on the board ck PPL they seem to be really low priced on some stuff...
The web sight is www.pplmotorhomes.com
once u'r on the main page just look for the parts catalog :cool:


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Re: Water heater advise

If you have a light that is labeled "pilot" I would tend to think that you may have one of the rare pilot water heaters that are still around. I know that there are still a few made, but I don't recall having seen one in any RV RVs that were made since about 1990 or so. To know for sure, what make and model is your water heater? If you tell us that we can probably look up in the service information to see if you should have direct ignition.

If you start to change parts just guessing, you may spend a great deal of money in trying to repair things. There are no switches that I know of but the thermostat device is called an "ACO" and it is combined with a single device that is also the over temperature limit. They come as a pair and are mounted touching the tank of the heater.