Water heater issue in 1988 Coachmen Class C


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Recently, we are upgrading to a 1996 Holiday Ramber 33' Vacationer, and I am working to try to sell my 1988 Coachmen. I had a prospective buyer to view the unit, was very interested, then I hooked up the city water connection and I had leaking. In inspecting where the leaking may have been coming from, we noticed that the majority of the leak seemed to be coming from the hot water heater.

I removed the external cardboard and the insulation, and sure enough, the tank was cracked like an egg.

I winterized the unit last winter, but apparently I did not drain the hot water tank...so I guess I am a dope...LOL.

Anyway, the unit does not appear to have a bypass valve, so I have to solve the water heater issue before I can even then see what else might be leaking.

The question is, can you just replace the water tank on the heater? This is a 6 gallon Atwood, model Ga6G. I can see places where I can buy inner tanks, so it seems like I could possibly replace this? Is is that difficult? Or should I just replace the entire heater?

Thanks so much! :blackeye:

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Re: Water heater issue in 1988 Coachmen Class C

Hello Mark and welcome to the forum. :cool:

I can't answer your question, :( , but if you send a PM to Ken at Grandview Trailer Sales you will get your answer. You will find him here on this forum and you don't need to be worried about getting bad advice. ;)


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Re: Water heater issue in 1988 Coachmen Class C

Mark also give Ken the serial # and model # he can look it up and he may be able to save you some $.You can email him at
tell him Hollis and Steven sent you to him :laugh:

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RE: Water heater issue in 1988 Coachmen Class C

If it is a Atwood water heater the tank itself can be replaced, but if it is a Suburban the entire unit will need to be replaced. :)