Water Heater Thermocouple??


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Hi Folks,
still new to RVing, but getting educated quickly! My water heater's pilot will light in 'Pilot' setting with button held down, but immediately goes out when released or turned to 'On'....I've checked the orifice, it's clear. I've removed the pilot gas line, gas flows from the valve and the line is clear. Does this sound like the thermocouple is bad?
It's a 6 gallon Suburban heater - everyone only seems to have a 'universal' thermocouple.....any known problems with using one of these as opposed to a Suburban thermocouple?

John Harrelson

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Water Heater Thermocouple??

Hi Dennis,

A thermocouple is a thermocouple is a thermocouple.. just take the old with you and get the same length.

Wal-Mart sells them for about $4.

oh, by the way, you did hold the pilot button for at least ONE WHOLE
MINUTE before releasing didn't you ? :bleh:



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Water Heater Thermocouple??

While I agree with John, before you replace it make sure that it is located directly in the flame of the pilot, and I would give it at least a full minute.


Water Heater Thermocouple??

Also check the little nut that holds it to the flame front valve. It should be snugg or it will not ransmit the signal.