Water issue

Hi! Just purchased a2000 Chinook Concourse , on my first road trip I found water damage below closet and stove , also a toilet leak at top of the base where it meets the bowl..
going to empty all tanks but would appreciate any feed back as to what caused it?

C Nash

Senior Member
Has there been any rain? I would look for loose connections under the sink if it's near that area. Does the toilet only leak when flushed? if so probably a gasket. Was the rv winterized? Sounds like you may have some frozen pipe problems. Welcome to the forum and let us know what you find.
Didn't find any water leaks today. We have had a lot of rain and when this happened it was parked on a slope . We are thinking it came in from the refridgerator vent??? Its going to rain another 3/5 inches I will keep an eye on it and leave it level!!!