Water leak


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I own a 1980 Coachman Leprechaun Class C. I filled my fresh water tank and the RV
sat in the drive for several hours without any water leaking. The first, and every time
I used the water pump, I got water leaking out on the ground. I tried to trace the leak
and it looked like it was running back down the water line from the pump to the tank.
The leak stopped on it's own when the pressure was gone but started to leak again
when I used the pump again. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Also,
how do I access the water tank in case I might have to do some plumbing? Where is
it located? Thanks.


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Sounds like the leak is from the pump to the faucets, not from the pump to the tank. As soon as the pump is off so is the leak. Only way to find the leak is to folow the water trail.


C Nash

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Like Len said it should be on the pressure side of the pump if it stops as soon as the pressure stops. Will the pump cycle on even with no faucets on? Probably a loose connection or cracked connection.