Water Pressure

[RonS] I&#039m not satisfied with the amount of water pressure in my Class A. I think I should be changing the water pump, but even when on city water hook-up its the same, and at all the faucets. So does anyone have any ideas? If I change the pump what kind and size should I purchase?
Water Pressure

[Ron] Check your faucets for water conservation washers (plastic/rubber washer with small hole) to restrict flow. Also check shower hose (both ends) and shower head for flow restriction washers. My unit (99 Dolphine) had these and removel helped a little. Never will be like home pressure due to small plumbing (no large volume)
Water Pressure

[brian] First off you will never get the same amount of pressure in an RV as a house. Won&#039t happen and can&#039t happen. so to improve your pressure you can add an accumulator tank on the other side of the pump providing less of the puslating pressure. Or if you are patient enough I recently read about a new water pump coming out early this spring. Or go to the larger shurflo pump which only creates 1/2 a gallon more pure minute. I hope this has been helpful. I can be contacted at rvosparts@yahoo.com