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We have a perplexing water pump problem. In our Pioneer travel trailer we have a Shurflow water pump. I wrote to Shurflow re our problem and they suggested we put in an accumulator tank. We did but still have our problem. While dry camping using our own water supply we get hot water on the cold water faucet side for a short time then turns to cold. Both in the kitchen and the lav.

When showering, as the pressure starts dropping the water gets very hot and when the pump kicks in the a hard shot of cold, cold water. Have installed a by-pass valve in the water heater compartment for winterizing and not sure if that is what is causing the problem. That is the only thing we have done with this trailer. We bought it slightly used and haven't had it long enough to notice the problem before.

Can anyone come up with some trouble shooting suggestions.

Thanks, Carol
Re: Water pump problem

Its a possibility that you have a small leak in your system. Check under all you cabinets for dampness. You also may want to install a check valve at the water heater on the cold water inlet side.
Re: Water pump problem

Thank you for your response. When hubby gets back from his errand I will show him what you said.
After this next weekend camping we will winterize it. He has followed all the lines and can not see any water leaks so I will have him check out what you said.

Thanks, Carol
Re: Water pump problem

Hi Carol, one other thing it could be and this is something you have to leave the pump on for several hours to do. It could be that the pump head is allowing water to flow back into the water tank. Just leave the pump on and listen for it to pump. If you have no leaks and the pump keeps running in short bursts then it may be letting water back through the head to the tank. If your trailer is 4-5 years old its common.
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Hi again

Mike said he will try your suggestion of adding the check valve to the cold water inlet side of the water heater. We have one on the hot water outlet side that he installed when he put the winterizing bypass valve in. The trailer is a 2004 model.

thanks again, Carol
Re: Water pump problem

What you have done by adding the shutoff valves is to change the pressure differential in your sysetm. The valves you installed are adding a ristriction to the system which is why you begin getting hot water when ythe pressure drops some.

The valve idea is fine but you need to install either what they call full flow or full flow ball valves. These valves have basically the same inside diameter as your piping system.
Re: Water pump problem

Hi Poppa

Thanks for the response. We will check this out and make changes to see if we can solve the problem. You have given us a reason for the hot water issue.

Thanks again, Carol :)