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whats the best way you'all have found to cut down on the noise of the water pump for your fresh water. mine is located under our bed and I'm the first up in the mornings (usually very early) and getting water always wakes the wife (not good). mine seems overly loud and is mounted in a place thats hard to get to

thanks in advance
water pump

It is a small world after all lol actually I have just worked on the same problem, and no matter what I do it still makes noise, I unscrewed it from the floor and put a large sponge under it but it still makes just as much noise. I guess maybe next I will try and build a sound proof box to go around it and see what that does.good luck to you and if you find the solution let me know. later Jim
water pump

Topcat43, I also had the pump under the bed, but was able to relocate it easily, further away and in a different compartment which helped some. They are just noisy and the sound seems to carry easily. In the RV I had before, it was under the couch and I installed it on dense foam and also sprayed foam insulation around some of it after insulating hoses and wires, from the foam so I could remove the foam later if it needed repairs.


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water pump

If you devise a shock mount to isolate it from the solid floor that will help a lot. One way to do that is to glue two pieces of plywood together, sandwiching a layer of styrofoam or better yet, foam rubber between them. attach the pump to the top and the bottom one to the floor. The next step is to remove the stiff plastic water lines from the pump and use some of the flex lines that are made to connect water to a home faucet to connect the lines to the pump. If you use the rubber/braided steel type, they can flex and they will not transmit the vibrations to the water lines.
water pump

Another solution would be to turn the pump off. Only camp where there is a water source when your wife wants to sleep late. Get an earlier rising wife. Your wife should leave and go with a late sleeping husband. Or poke your wife in the side with your elbow (always say "Sorry!") right before you turn the water on.
water pump

I believe it is Camco that sells a kit that kills the noise. Like Kirk says, it consists of taking off the lines and replacing them with flexable ones that are in a circle. Mostly, the noise is hammering from the pump and the circles stops it.

PS, Krazeehorses idea sounds good too....