Water Softener?


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We got a softener at home and really like it. I'm looking at buying water softener for the RV. I found a couple online, but I'm interested if anyone else has 1 of these things and if they work at all. Does anyone here have one? Do you like it?

Gary B

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Water Softener?

Hi QTip, we have a portable water softener we got at Camping World about 7 / 8 years ago and they work great we use ours any all the time we are set up for more then a couple of days. Ours has garden hose connections and is so simple to set up, regeneration requires disconnecting the hose draining the tank down and then adding about 10 coffee mugs/cups of softener salt or rock salt, then reconnecting the hose and then run water thur the unit by opening the cold water bathroom sink faucet and letting it run at a fast trickle for about 1/2 hour, you then taste the water if its saltly run the water abit longer if not you done, we can generally go 4 / 5 weeks between regeneration, we don't have a clothes washer so if you have one it will use more water etc. YES WE lile it we never leave home with out it.
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