Water stains on cloth ceiling - removal?

My Teton Homes 5th wheel had a leak near the LR skylight. The leak has been repaired but water stains are visible around the skylight. I have tried several cleaners on small areas of the stain but nothing seems to remove them. Someone said that steam might take them out. Does anyone know if this is correct and what kind of steam rig would I use??
Any help will be appreciated.
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Catfish Williams
Water stains on cloth ceiling - removal?

I have used what is called Hot Shot. Purchase at WalMart. It does the job. Just follow the instructions and it should work for you as well.

Hope this helps.
Water stains on cloth ceiling - removal?

Prepare a highly-concentrated mix of Oxyclean and put in a spray bottle. Spray small areas of the stain, as little a 2x2" at a time. Use a wet vac or portable rug cleaner to immediately suck out the liquid. I've used this technique on three occasions. Can't tell the areas were ever stained.