water stains


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My wife and I are fulltimers. We are currently in Canada (Boy is it cold) My 99 Safari Panther 425 has cloth covered walls. The condensation is staining the fabric. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove these water stains? Thanks in advances for any info.

Bill Young


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RE: water stains

At an RV show my wife bought a product called Simple Clean. The product worked great removing new water stains in my old motorhome. After starting off dabbing, gentle rubbing, etc. I found the most effective way to get the tough stains out was to spray on the product, work it in with a scrub brush and suck the area dry with my shop vac. The product is sold by John & Sally James Enterprises Inc. The phone number on the literature in 352-685-3816, the web site is www.simpleclean.org. I have no commercial interest, only a customer.
Jack Barbic