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I have an 02 Monaco executive and am loosing water pressure when the water has been on for only 15 seconds or so. It is the same with both hot and cold water sides and using water hookup as well as the water pump. We bought the coach this summer and noticed the problem on the first time out. I have many questions but will start with this one. Does anybody have any ideas?


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Oldstv, welcome to the forum. Don't want to sound too stupid, but have you checked to make sure your not leaking somewhere? Have you checked the water pressure at spickot your hooked up too? Have you looked at the owner's manual under water system to see if there is something special you need to do? Just a couple thoughts.

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Do you lose pressure at all faucets? Might need to check your pressure regulator. If you have a filter check to see if it needs changing. I would change ir anyway since it is a new rv to you.
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Thank you for your replies. The pressure is the same at all faucets including the one outside at the hookup station. When we first tested the system it worked fine but then it sat for a few weeks and now we have the problem. I didn't have time to check into it when we were out but I will look into both the filter and the pressure regulator.
Thanks for the welcome.... I just came across this sight last night. It looks like a good forum.
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I think you will find the problem is the filter. Pressure will build up when there is no flow, but will drop as soon as water has to go thru the filter. Quick check, if your filter is a house type and in a clear housing, just take the filter out, put the housing back on and test the system. If you have good pressure, there is your problem. Let us know please.
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It could be the filter, pressure regulator(if equipped) or a check valve. You may also have a watersystem manifold down in the basement. Its a special piece that all the waterlines hook into before the go to the individual faucets. It is designed to regulate the pressure throughout the coach to keep it even at every faucet. It has a regulator built in and that could be bad.
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I can't check out the coach yet, it is not in the same town as I but as quick as I can get to it you will be the first to know what it was. The manual is not very good at telling me where everything is located. It will tell you to check something but will not tell you where to look for it. We have several things that need attention like the aqua hot switch doesn't light up, {so we are not sure if it is working}the sink in the toilet area only has hot water in it and other assorted problems, we will get around to all of them in time. I am really glad I found this sight the feedback is much appreciated.