Watersedge RV Park/ Rockport Tx.

Hi gang, Jerry and I are planning on going to Rockport for the first time this year. Does anyone have any knowlege of this particular place. We have some friends who stay there but I would like more input if anyone knows.
Thanks Chris


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Watersedge RV Park/ Rockport Tx.

We stayed there several years ago and we thought it was great. As I recall, they have their own pier to fish from right accross the street. And we didn't hear anyone who was not happy there.

Good travelin~! .....................Kirk
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Good travelin! ......Kirk
Watersedge RV Park/ Rockport Tx.

Two years ago we stayed At Rockport 35. Very clean, very well kept, nice folks, mainly an adult park, no pool at that time, but they do have a hot tub.