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What kinds of wax do some of you use on the outside of your various units? :question: :question:
I just purchased some wax called "Easy Off" that is yellow paste wax that is 100% carnuba without any cleaner in it and plan on using it on my Winn. I've seen it on boats, but you better make sure you get them clean first.

"Easy Off"????? Isn't that for cleaning the oven?

I have used Mother's 100% carnuba, but like you said, MAKE SURE IT IS CLEAN before applying. Otherwise water spots and black streaks are sealed under the wax.

This year prepping for a 3 week fishing trip to Montana I ran out of time, thanks to my boss piling on the week before I left. As a touch-up waxing I used the "hose-on" wax from Turtle Wax. It seemed to work well but I don't think it would last nearly as long as the Mother's.

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How do you guys get them clean so you can wax? Time I get around the MH removing the black streaks, they have started streaking again where I started :laugh: Guess I am just to slooow :laugh: . HMMM, wonder if I told the grand kids BET YOU CAN"T GET THOSE BLACK STREAKS OFF :eek:

The black streaks you guys are talking about come from crud that is growing in the gutter rails and on the roof. Bird poop, tree/weed pollen etc. settle on the roof and in the gutters. To stop the black streaks, you have to stop this stuff from growing. Scrub the roof and then with a stiff brush scrub the gutters using some bleach that will kill mildew. Be careful with that stuff, too strong and it turns the rubber and plastic trim yellow. Rinse very thoroughly and it will stop the streaking....until the crud collects again and starts growing again. Worked for me, hope it works for you as well.

:laugh: After a super cleaning , top , drip rails and a good paste wax application , the best product that I have found is the turtle wax , zip wax ,, SELF DRYING !!
This is not as you are thinking , it comes in a liquid form ,16 oz bottle TWO colors , light and a creany blue ...
DOES NOT REQUIRE any wiping down to prevent , those nasty water spots.
mix ,, wash as directed , and enjoy the way the unit shines as it dryes.
I use this on the MH , autos , and boat , good shine , and protection that last about a month.
if you get it on the glass,, was with vinager and water ,...
a lazy mans way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!