We need some tips on taking our family on the road


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We are looking at him taking a job as a pipeline welder and thinking about taking our one year old with us and living on the road for a few years while he does this. We have some questions about what kind of Fifth Wheel RV would be best for a small family who will be moving around a lot. We won't know where we're going until they decide so we need to plan for everything. Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of Fifth Wheel would be best for this? We have plans to expand our family while we are on the road but, to be financially responsible, we are thinking we should start out with something smaller and upgrade when the need comes. Also we would love if anyone has tips on living with small children in a Fifth Wheel.

C Nash

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welcome to the forum. Have you ever owned a RV? If not maybe you should rent one to try it. Space does get small on long stays and there are times ,weather, that keeps you inside. Slides help expand living area. How often will you be moing? Go to rv lots and spend some time sitting in them. Look c lose at kitchen and bathroom.

Clay L

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Will you always be in warm weather? If not be prepared to learn how to prevent pipes and sewer hoses from freezing and to be filling propane tanks as often as every few days.