Weather radios??????


Interested to learn which weather radios,fulltimers use,I'm in
the process to be needing one soon and I'd love to learn as much as possible in order to make a wise and economical choice.......
Thank you all,parigi.(new member and rver!) :)


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Weather radios??????

I'd check out the 'SAME' radios at Radio Shack. They claim to only alert in the affected areas, rather than the entire area covered by that weather service.


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Weather radios??????

My advice is this:go with a radio that is easy to use.I have a first alert radio and I am constantly looking for an active weather station that is fairly local.I would like to get one that all you do is turn it on.My Bearcat scanner does a better job and I use it a lot.Be sure to get a battery back up unit.GL