weekend warrior toyhauler


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bought it new this year. one of the fold up beds broke and landed on the
motorcycle. we put larger screws in to get it home. well it fell off the hook
and fell on it again. this was 2nd. time out only 200 mi. one way and 200 miles back. 1st. time out we went state campgrounds with ground fault at camp.
well we had a loose ground in camper. it was 3 to 4 hours, with help from ranger and two fellow campers to get it. it was a last effort to remove ground fault in camper that I found loose ground wire. 3rd time a fellow camper looked camper over and saw front separating from side about 1/4 in. he said
side glue had come loose. water heater goes out but will relit. we called the dealer they said use it and bring it in when we were done. we took it to Springfield IL. 60 miles. camped the week then dropped it at the dealer I bought it from. motorcycle also. one week later we called. they said they had not looked at it yet. so I got a ride down to get motorcycle. Called next week they said it would have to go to calf. to factory to be fixed. next week nothing, I called the factory they said it would be fixed. next week still at dealer in Springfield, they had put in a new radio, did I forget to mention that it had stopped working also. side was not fixed I called the factory told them I had planned a trip earlier in year to visit daug. in wigs. because we had a new camper and get there before cold weather. they said pick it up use it and bring it back when we were done. picked up 200 mi. to wis. back took it back. Oct. 15. it was to go to stlouis mo. to be fixed. Howard RV. Oct. 25 Howard RV called and wanted to know when I was going to drop it off. I told them I dropped at Springfield there drivers will pick it up. Nov. 5 Howard called said the camper
was there and wanted to know what was wrong with it I told him the side was loose. I had doctor appointment that day I have cancer. and I'm getting treatments. Nov I still don't have a camper but I have built a carport for it. I will call as soon as I get this done. first time camper RV owner is this normal I hope not. jimmy


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Re: weekend warrior toyhauler

It is not 'normal', but it is unfortunately common.

RV manufacturers on the whole do not put much effort into quality control. So, many 'new' RVs have serious problems. The better manufacturers and dealers will work with you to get things right, but some manufacturers and some dealers don't want anything further to do with you once they get your money.

It sounds like people are at least trying to work with you, which is better than some of the cases reported.

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Re: weekend warrior toyhauler

I agree John and I hope Jimmy will keep us informed on how this turns out. Jimmy I sure hope you get yout rv back and can enjoy it. Great that you didn't bash the make as of now. Give the manufacture a chance which I think you have and let us know how it turns out. Prayers are with you on your ilness. Keep the faith and welcome to the forum.


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Re: weekend warrior toyhauler

Here's wishing you the best on both the health and the RV front! I was wondering, who builds the "Week-end Warrior?"