Weight baring hitch question


I have a old Valley EZ lift weight Bering hitch. The thing is a tank and a half, weighs about 60 pounds give or take.

My concerns is about hitch height and what is the optimum level height. I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 with 34" tires, and right now I am measuring the bottom of the ball at around 23 inches. The hitch is not adjustable so I can't lower it anymore then what it is.

I know there is a range but I think I saw average is about 22 inches for trailer towing height? My trailer is going to be a 1999 Komfort 24ft with one slider if that helps?

All I need on this old valley lift is a few new pins and to knock out the old ones that are holding the arms in. I could go purchase a used weight baring hitch that is adjustable for $120 on Craigslist and he still has it so before I throw more money out there I wanted to know opinions?
Sadly no, and that's part of the problem is that I'm doing my walk through on it the 26th and taking it home, but trying to get ready for it beforehand. I live about 62 miles from dealership it's at.

So I think I will just drive over this weekend and see if they'll fit. If not it'll give me time to get something else because the dealership has only small supplies all marked up way above normal prices.

C Nash

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Think that will be a good idea OrganShane. With your truck I think the front of the rv is going to be high but JMO. The adjustable hitches I do like and if you get one you can probably resale yours and come out pretty good. let us know how it turns out.